Cheap flight tickets to Greece at Lesbos Konstantinos Mavroudis, CC-BY-2.0,

Cheap flight tickets to Lesbos from Vienna for just €60

Adventurous tour to Greek island Lesbos is now possible with German airlines Eurowings.

Cheap flight tickets flight ticket to Mytilini at Greek islands lesbos are in offer by German Eurowings airlines from Vienna airport. Prices start at €60 / $66 / ‎£51.

Flight details
Booking & AirlinesEurowings
DepartureVienna (VIE)
ArrivalMitilini (MJT) – Lesbos
Distance1288 km (801 miles)
Price€60 / $66 / ‎£51
RouteVienna ( VIE ) – Mytilini ( MJT ) – Vienna ( VIE )
Date of departureexp. 02. 05. 2017
Date of returnexp. 09. 05. 2017
Price per unit distance0.0824 $/mi or 0.04658 €/km
Eurowings luggageThe flight ticket covers only one cabin with 8kg weight limit. Additional luggage up to 20kg is for an extra charge 30€.

Right now you can buy flight tickets from Vienna to Mytilini for €60 / $66 / ‎£51.

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